Friday, December 5, 2014

Tools of Choice

Being the makeup addict that I am, I will always have fun applying makeup. The tools used to apply them, can make a big difference on the look I’m going for. My favorite tools to use are brushes. They’re easy to use, and can last a long time; granted they're taken cared of properly.

While expensive brushes might have been the only ones worth getting in the past, this fortunately, is no longer the case. There are many companies that offer quality brushes, that won’t make your wallet drastically thin, or give you the dreaded case of buyer’s remorse.

To help me decide which brands to consider getting them from, I read a bunch of reviews, and watched many youtube videos to help me determine which ones I should get. 

The first brand on my list is ZOEVA. There have been many reviews praising how the quality of their brushes, and how long, and well they hold up through constant use. Considering this is a European brand, I have a feeling that I wouldn’t be disappointed with the quality either.I just wish I could see, and feel the brushes in person.

The second one is Sigma. I’ve also read, and watched promising reviews on their brushes, and they seem to be worth the hype. Like ZOEVA’s brushes, I also wish I could see, and feel them in person.

Last but not least, is ecotools. Their brushes are easy to find, and are also said to be well made.
While some of their brushes are difficult to find in stores, there’s still a nice variety that I’ve been able to purchase from drugstores. I have a few of their brushes, and would like to add few more to my collection. 

Best of all, the brushes from these brands have been said to be similar to MAC's, and other high end brands.

So there you have it, the top three wallet friendly brands I would pick for makeup brushes. Sorry if the descriptions are brief, but considering the amount of reviews available out there, I thought it would be best to keep it short, and to the point.

What’s your go to brands for brushes?

As always, thanks for reading!

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