Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Color for 2015

While I liked orchid for clothing, it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea makeup wise. I found tricky to pull off and didn’t really suite me.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised to be drawn to next year’s color. Though it might not seem like a tricky color to add to your makeup repertoire or closet, this color actually makes it easy to do so.

Makeup wise, I’m looking forward to using this color for eyeshadows or eye liners. While this would also look lovely for lip products, blush, mascara, and nail polish, I’m not sure if it would work out for me. However, if I happen to find one that catches my eye, I’ll happily give it a whirl.

As for fashion, this color can work well with any neutral color, or with colors like: mustard, navy, plum, etc.  Depending on the fabric or material, this color can also be worn throughout the year, not just fall or winter. (I show examples of this with my Out & About outfit posts).

Do you like next year’s new color?

As always, thanks for reading!

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