Saturday, April 26, 2014

To Splurge or No To Splurge

                Are you new to makeup? Feel a bit overwhelmed when you're at a a store like Sephora, and wondering about what’s worth splurging on? I’m here to help.  Personally I feel that products used to emphasize certain features don’t necessarily need to be high end. Those would be: lipstick, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eye primer (but if your lids are really oily I’d recommend urban decay primer potion), brow products (unless yours need a lot of help, in which case I’d recommend checking out Anastasia or Benefit), and mascara. Not that high end versions aren't worth indulging in mind you. However, there are quite a few low end versions that are similar, or better than the expensive ones. 

                Now which ones are worth the splurge? Here are some to consider. For a smoother look, and to help your foundation to stay on better, primer is a good one to invest in. Why? It will fill in your pores, and help slow down the oil from breaking down the foundation.  Naturally, next would be foundation. This is one of the trickiest products to buy. Pick the wrong type, and your face could end up looking like a hot mess (and possibly break you out). While the wrong shade can make you look like you're wearing a mask, or make you look ill. Have some redness, spots, or want to brighten up certain areas? Concealer can help with that. I recommend getting two shades; one shade that’s your skin tone to hide spots, and help conceal redness, then a lighter one for highlighting areas you want to emphasize. Last, but not least, setting spray. This is especially helpful for special occasions since you won’t have to worry much about the products staying put.

                Product Rec.s : 
·         smash box or hourglass - primer
·         bare minerals, bobbi brown, or shiseido – foundation
·         it cosmetics, or benefit – concealer
·         urban decay, or model in a bottle – setting spray

I hope these tips are helpful to you, and will help your shopping trip be less stressful.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Old and New - 1

I was going through my makeup repertoire, and I rediscovered a lipstick that I (sadly) neglected. Which is a shame since it's a lovely color, and looks nice on its own with a bit of lip balm on top, or used as a base for lip gloss.

The lipstick I'm talking about is BUXOM BIG & HEALTHY LIP STICK in Athens and paired with one of L'OREAL's new Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks in Rose Melody. While these two products look lovely color wise, I would advise exfoliating your lips first and putting on a bit of lip balm, since it won't look very faltering on chapped/ dry lips.

Reviews on The Products :


  * It's matte, but suprissingly comfortable, unlike some other matte lipsticks. (As long as you put on a bit of lip balm first).

  * It doesn't wear of too quickly if you don't drink or eat anything. Which on me, was about two hours.

- L'OREAL EXtraordinaire Liquid Lipstick

  * It has a nice light, & unsticky formula.

  * The light floral, and somewhat...fruity (?) scent isn't very strong, like majority of their lipstick (which have a strong floral/ powdery scent).

  * Stays on better when it's put over a lip liner, or a lipstick.

What lipstick or gloss have you rediscovered in your repitoire?

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hide and Seek

Have you ever felt that you're playing hide and seek when you're trying to shop for something you need? I know I do. This particular item I'm looking for is a moisturizer. My face makes it really challenging to find the right one since it's combo oily/ combo dry. If that isn't hard enough, it's also sensitive. The ones' I've tried would work for a while, but as usual my skin will decide that it no longer wants to cooperate with it anymore (que frustrated sigh), and I end up going through the 'game' all over again.

Here are some of the ones I've tried:

- olay total effects for sensitive skin (which I'm currently using)
- olay complete day complete for sensitive skin
- olay total effects fragrance free
- Neutrogena for sensitive skin

I guess you're wondering why not just use one that says it's for combo skin? Well most of the ones I 've tried, and seen has some fragrance (and other things) in it that my skin doesn't like very much.

Perhaps I should try a gel formula. Though it's a bit tricky since I've yet to find one with ingredients that won't irritate my skin. Oy...oh well, the hunt continues.

Hhmm...I have a feeling I might need to change my whole skin care routine, oh boy....

Thanks for reading!