Friday, April 25, 2014

Old and New - 1

I was going through my makeup repertoire, and I rediscovered a lipstick that I (sadly) neglected. Which is a shame since it's a lovely color, and looks nice on its own with a bit of lip balm on top, or used as a base for lip gloss.

The lipstick I'm talking about is BUXOM BIG & HEALTHY LIP STICK in Athens and paired with one of L'OREAL's new Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks in Rose Melody. While these two products look lovely color wise, I would advise exfoliating your lips first and putting on a bit of lip balm, since it won't look very faltering on chapped/ dry lips.

Reviews on The Products :


  * It's matte, but suprissingly comfortable, unlike some other matte lipsticks. (As long as you put on a bit of lip balm first).

  * It doesn't wear of too quickly if you don't drink or eat anything. Which on me, was about two hours.

- L'OREAL EXtraordinaire Liquid Lipstick

  * It has a nice light, & unsticky formula.

  * The light floral, and somewhat...fruity (?) scent isn't very strong, like majority of their lipstick (which have a strong floral/ powdery scent).

  * Stays on better when it's put over a lip liner, or a lipstick.

What lipstick or gloss have you rediscovered in your repitoire?

Thanks for reading!

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