Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hide and Seek

Have you ever felt that you're playing hide and seek when you're trying to shop for something you need? I know I do. This particular item I'm looking for is a moisturizer. My face makes it really challenging to find the right one since it's combo oily/ combo dry. If that isn't hard enough, it's also sensitive. The ones' I've tried would work for a while, but as usual my skin will decide that it no longer wants to cooperate with it anymore (que frustrated sigh), and I end up going through the 'game' all over again.

Here are some of the ones I've tried:

- olay total effects for sensitive skin (which I'm currently using)
- olay complete day complete for sensitive skin
- olay total effects fragrance free
- Neutrogena for sensitive skin

I guess you're wondering why not just use one that says it's for combo skin? Well most of the ones I 've tried, and seen has some fragrance (and other things) in it that my skin doesn't like very much.

Perhaps I should try a gel formula. Though it's a bit tricky since I've yet to find one with ingredients that won't irritate my skin. Oy...oh well, the hunt continues.

Hhmm...I have a feeling I might need to change my whole skin care routine, oh boy....

Thanks for reading!

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