Thursday, September 29, 2016

My 'No Makeup' Makeup Routine

Since I talked about what I'd use for a 'no makeup, makeup' look in a previous post, I thought I'd talk about how I achieve it.

I've found that the key for a smooth application is exfoliating my skin well, and using a hydrating moisturizer. Along with a good primer, this helps me look like I'm having a good skin day, and not made up.

Speaking of primer, I try to match a foundation that will go well with the primer I'm using. If I'm not using the right one, the foundation will end up separating, or melt off my face after a few hours.

If I'm having a good skin day, I would just stick with a light-medium coverage foundation. This helps to even out my skin tone, and I don't need to fuss with it as much. If I have to deal with any blemishes, I just apply it with a concealer brush, and gently blend it with my finger.

To warm my skin up a bit, I tend to either use a bit of  a warm toned blush or bronzer. I don't use both, since I feel it can be a bit to much for me. Once that's done, I spray on a bit of setting spray.

For my eyes, I just use one or two brown eye shadows. This helps to define my eyes, especially if they're a bit puffy.  To make my eyes look bigger, I curl my lashes, then use a defining mascara. If I feel like lining my eyes, I just put it as close to my roots as possible, to make my lashes look thicker. However, the majority of the time, I just tend to put on more mascara near the roots of my lashes for a similar effect. Since my eyebrows aren't too thin or sparse, I just use a bit of powder to define them.

Last but not least, are lips. Depending on my mood I'll either reach for; lip liner, lipstick, or lip gloss in a mlbb (my lips but better) shade. Using this kind of shade helps define my lips, and helps complete the look.

What do you do for a 'no makeup, makeup' look?

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As always, thanks for reading!

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