Thursday, September 22, 2016

How I Control My Shopping Addiction

Though I can't say I'm a fan of exercising, I can say that I am a big fan of shopping. I could be walking for hours, but won't feel tired while looking for a new MLBB lipstick, or a LBB. The downside of this sport..pastime..addiction is, a thinner wallet. In order to keep my wallet happy, I've been doing a couple things to take the edge off my urge to go shopping.

The first thing I do, is go 'window shopping' online. While it can be fun to do this at a physical store, I sometimes end up getting something that I don't really need, or could have waited a little longer to purchase. Doing this also keeps my bank account happy, since I'm not really a fan of shopping online; as strange as that may sound. Another benefit of doing this, is that my interest for the item(s) tend to go away after a few hours or days. Not having shopper's remorse, or worrying about returning or exchanging anything doesn't hurt either.

Once I've picked out the items I'm interested in, I make a W.S.A ('Window Shopping' At...) board on pinterest. I pin the items that I would want to purchase or use as an outfit or makeup inspiration. Creating these boards has helped me figure out what I really want to have in my wardrobe or makeup collection. Not only, but by waiting to purchase any of the items,  I'm able to get them/it on sale..if I'm lucky.

Doing these two things has really helped me to stay more sane since I don't end up an overflowing closet or drawers. I get use of the things I really like, and not a bunch stuff that I rarely or never use lying around taking up space.

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