Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Beauty Edit : July '16

While I had more variety in my makeup bag for May and June, I had more a mainstreamed one for July.

Not wanting to deal with foundation melting off my face, just stuck with a bit of foundation, and/or concealer. To keep those products in place, I just stuck with primer, and setting powder. I skipped on using setting spray, since it sometimes made my face look more dewy than I'd want it to be.

Since I didn't put on much foundation or concealer, I just used a bit of blush and contoured when I felt my face looked a bit puffy.

Other than defining my brows and lashes, I didn't really bother putting on much eyeshadow. On the days that I did, I just stuck with two palettes. Somehow, I couldn't even be bothered to use eyeliner either; guess the heat got to me.

For lip products, I just stuck with a couple of lipsticks, liquid lipstick, and a gloss. I tried not to stick with my typical go-to products, but I still wanted to use ones that looked good with minimal makeup looks.

What products have you been using the past couple of months?

Have you read my previous beauty, fashion, and lifestyle posts?

As always, thanks for reading!

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