Monday, May 2, 2016

Current Skincare Routine

While I normally wait till the end of the year to talk about what products I've loved using, I couldn't wait to talk about these products.  My skin makes it challenging (to say the least) to find products that won't make it moodier than it already is.  However, with some trial and errors, I've developed a routine that works for me with these products.

I used to have dry flaky patches on the inner part of my cheeks, but this mask/scrub helps from Freeman helps keep them at bay.  It's gentle enough for me to use three times a week, and it makes easier for me to apply foundation, since I don't need to worry about applying it a certain way.

To cleanse my face in the morning, I just use one or both of these micellar waters from Garnier, and I'm good to go on to the next step.  When I did use a face wash in the morning, I found that my skin would feel dry, and get oily faster, than it does now.

Since I can't seem to keep my hands off my face whenever I get a pimple or zit, I have quite a bit of scars on my face.  After trying a bunch of different products, I'm happy to say that I've finally found one that works for me.  My scars where pretty dark, but after using this oil from Palmer's for a couple months, they're now two-three lighter than they used to be.  While it did take a while for them to get lighter, this is the only one that didn't feel greasy or make me break out.

Having combo dry/oily skin can make it tricky to find a good moisturizer.  Luckily this one from Neutrogena cooperates with my skin.  It hydrates well, and helps my moisturizer/sunscreen* glide on better.  If I'm going out at nigh, it also work as a great base for long as I use a primer on the inner part of my face.

After trying what seems like an endless amount lip balms, this balm from Nivea is the only one that has stood up to my dry lips!  The other ones I've tried would "work" for a little while. but then my lips would still feel dry or drier again after an hour.  I've actually used up half of a tube, which has never happened before since I  kept trying to find ones that would work on my lips.

Whew!  I didn't think I'd ever talk this much about skincare products, but I just could wait to share my experiences with you guys.

*I'm not sure how I feel about this product yet, but it's from CeraVe.

What skincare products have you been loving lately?

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