Sunday, January 4, 2015

Learning & Being Choosy

After being stumbling along my little makeup journey I've learned different ways to apply makeup, & what types of products works for me, which has helped me enjoy putting it on even more.  A few of them being: don’t be lazy about moisturizing your skin and eyelids, using a stippling brush for certain powder foundations can help it not look too powdery, and try not to  judge a lipstick by how it looks in the tube.

When it came to finding out what kind of finish, formula, or what not, was...interesting. Products I thought might work out for me, didn't, and products I didn't think I would like, ended up being my go to products. 


v  Primer- As long as it keeps the product(s) from smudging, disappearing, and I don’t end up breaking out; it’s all good. To see the ones I love, cheek out my Love & Rec.s, and 2014 Favorites boards.
v  Foundation- I found that using a matte foundation works better for the inner part of my face, and one for normal skin works for the outer part.
o   I avoid cream or scented foundations, since those make my skin freak out.
v  Concealer- Still working on finding ones that will for me.
v  Blush- I’m mostly drawn to colors that can be used to somewhat contour my cheeks, which helps me get ready faster. Though if I’m in the mood, I might use a peachy-pink shade, or one that has a touch of mauve.
v  Bronzer- Must have little to no shimmer in it, and doesn’t make me look like an umpa lumpa.
v  Highlighter- Must have a glow like finish, not one that would make me look like a disco ball. (I have yet to find one that gives me this effect).
v  Eyeshadow- I’m mostly drawn to neutral colors (like: brown, taupe, grey, cream, amber), but I do like to play with berry/wine, green (ones that have a slight..yellow/brown tone), blue, and orange shades.
o   I mostly stick with ones that are matte, satin, a little shimmery, and metallic, but I don’t tend to use glittery ones that often.
v   Eyeliner- Ones that are metallic, or has a bit of shimmer are okay, as long as it isn’t black.
o   If it’s a liquid liner, it must have a brush tip. I can’t stand the ones with a felt tip.
v  Mascara- I’ll use wet or dry formula, as long as it’s waterproof.
v  Lipstick- I love ones that creamy or cream sheen/sheer for MLBBs, nudes, corals, and warm pinks. Mattes or ones that have a satin finish are what I like for red, or berry shades.
o   I avoid ones that are frosted, dual chromed, metallic or have an excessive amount of shimmer…like the plague.
v  Lipliner- Color wise, I just stick with ones that are clear, nude, or a neural kind of red.

Am I picky for a makeup lover/ blogger? Yes, yes I am. But, this is what helps me from letting my small collection from getting too extensive. When it comes to what I'll use for clients is another story.

I’ll talk about the ones I have in future posts.

Oh, & I may not be able to make another post until next week. Sorry about that. 

As always, thanks for reading!

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