Friday, December 18, 2015

Gifts For a Makeup Lover

Trying to shop for a makeup lover?  Whether she's a beginner, or a long time makeup addict, these products would make a great addition to her kit.

The products I picked are great to carry around in her purse since they can be applied when she's in a rush, or wants to transform her look from day to night.

Gift Guides I & II

While I had originally planned on having only one gift guide, but I felt it looked a bit haphazard.   Wallet friendly items are under I, and splurge worthy items are under II.

If you want it to be a big gift, you can pick an item from each category, and put them in a makeup bag.  These could also make great stocking stuffers.

I hope this makes your shopping trip go a little more smoothly.

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I avoided adding kits or holiday edition products since stores can run out of them pretty quickly. That, and unfortunately a majority (IMO) of them can be pretty disappointing.

As always, thanks for reading!

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