Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Happy Surprise

In the past, banana bread has never really been something I've craved.  The ones I've had where either too dense and somewhat dry, or had to much going on.  This fortunately changed when I found this terrific recipe!

While I did do a bit of tweaking, I was surprised to find that this actually made me a banana bread fan. 

Changes I Made:

- 4 bananas 
- nixed the cinnamon 
- didn't add nuts 
- only use about 3/4 c of sugar
- replaced the sour cream with table cream + 1 or 2 t of lemon juice
- used cake flour instead of all purpose flour (and didn't add more to equal the amount for a.p. flour)

These tweaks made me wish I made me wish I made two instead of one!

Do you like banana bread?  If not, this recipe might just change your mind.

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As always, thanks for reading!

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