Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ready For a Vacation

I don't know if it’s because it’s summer, or from the amount of travel vlogs I've watched, but I'm more than ready to take a vacation, and do the touristy stuff that can make (some) the locals roll their!
With this in mind, I thought I’d share some tips I’ve learned from experience (a.k.a the hard way), and from seasoned travelers.

1)      If I need to bring my passport…
a.       I make copies and keep one in my suitcase/backpack, one in a safe if the place I’m staying at has one.
b.       I also scan and e-mail it to myself.

2)      Bring an index card that has a list of medicine and antibiotics that I'm allergic to.

3)      I call the place I'm staying at to make sure that they reserved my room.

4)    To stretch my eating out budget, I like to bring some water and snacks with me.  This way I’m hydrated and energized and I don’t need to worry about going over budget.

5)      I take some medicine with me.  This way I'm prepared and I won’t need to worry about finding a pharmacy and it having what works for me. 

6)      I’m not sure why this happens, but I find that if I bring tampons/pads with me, I somehow don't end up having my period.  (Depending on how long my vacation is). 

7)      To prevent over packing:

a.       I try to bring pieces that I can easily mix and match with one another. 
b.      For shoes, I stick with a pair of flats or sandals, and wedges that are both neutral colored.
c.       I usually like to bring a cross body bag with me so it’s out of my way.

8)      For skincare & other hygiene products, I try to stick with travel size products, samples, or bring what I use with me if it isn’t too bulky or full.

9)   When it comes to makeup, I just stick with:

a.        liquid or powder foundation/bb cream (depending on the season), concealer, cool toned bronzer, blush, eye primer, a small eye shadow palette or one or two singles, lip balm, a couple lipsticks, colored brow gel, eyeliner, and mascara. 
b.       For tools, I just stick with an eyelash curler, a few face brushes, and eyeshadow brushes.

10)   I try to remember to bring some wet wipes or baby wipes with me.  These really come in handy when I least expect it.

11)    Even though I love to shop, I've learned to be strict with myself and only buy things that I know I'll use.  This way I'm reminded of the place(s) I went to whenever I use it, and they won't just take up space and collect dust.

12) Just incase my flight gets delayed (& I end up leaving the next day), I like to bring extra clothes & undergarments.

.13) If I can, I try to wash the clothes I've worn.  This makes unpacking easier and I don't end up procrastinating about it. 

Hope these tips I’ve learned will help you out if you’re planning a vacation.  Please feel free to leave some of your own too!

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  1. Some great tips! I always bring some medication - just in case!
    Having snacks is a good idea, especially if you're at the airport, it can cost a fortune!!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. Tell me about it. I once saw a sandwich (which I think came w/ a drink) for about $10 or $12!