Friday, February 27, 2015


There’s a certain makeup artist who I used to admire, but now lost respect for.  I won’t name names, but let’s just say he’s well known; especially among celebrities.

While my respect for someone doesn’t usually dissipate very quickly, it managed to happen when another makeup artist posted a certain celebrity’s picture whose makeup wasn’t exactly flattering to say the least, but wasn’t exactly terrible either.  The gist of what the mua said about it was that we’re all human, so we shouldn’t feel bad when we see pictures of celebs with perfect skin (since it’s mostly airbrushed/photo shopped anyway).

Considering he didn’t even say anything bad about her makeup, or the skills of the mua who did her makeup, the one who normally does her makeup had a hissy fit about it. This unfortunately led him to insult the mua who posted the picture.  He said something along the lines of him not being a pro mua because he hasn’t worked on celebs, and just posts tutorials on a popular site.

Not only that, but he made or supported the excuse about the look not working out nicely ‘because the mua who did her makeup used drugstore products.  Seriously?!  He’s really going to use/support that excuse?  Really?!  Being the ‘pro’ that he is, he should have shown more professionalism, and not use such a pathetic excuse.  If it was simply because the mua who did her makeup wasn’t used to using certain products from the drugstore is one thing, but to say that the makeup looked that way because he used products from the drugstore is another!

What really led me to lose respect for him was that he thinks he’s so much better than the mua he looked down on, simply because he considers himself a ‘real’ professional.  Being a professional isn’t only about the skills one possess or the people they worked, it’s also about not acting like you have your head up your as…butt, and letting their underwear get in a bunch when someone’s opinion on their work (or what people may think is their work) isn’t what they’re used to! 

I hope other makeup artists won’t behave this way, or use this ‘excuse’ if their work didn’t exactly turn out as they thought it would.

Side notes:

-          The makeup artist that posted the picture of the celeb wasn’t the first person to do so.
-          He also said the mua wasn’t a real pro since he thinks he only posts videos, and pretty much snubbed other makeup artists who post videos too. 
-          To try to ‘erase’ the evidence of his immaturity, he deleted his comments claiming to do so, so that the mua won’t get more followers (or something like that).

As always, thanks for reading!

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